the idea

UIQ will be a hub of research, collaboration, ideation, incubation, and entrepreneurship – a dense, mixed-use environment where research leads to scalable solutions for improving our world.

guiding principles

The vision for UIQ is bold and ambitious. There are six guiding principles that will steer the revitalization and development of UIQ.

built on relationships

Work with stakeholders in a transparent and accessible manner by ensuring opportunities for participation and engagement.

placemaking destination

Create a lively people-first innovation hub in Calgary which attracts entrepreneurial thinking and acts as a collision space to enable economic development.

university aligned

Formulate a strategic real estate program that complements University of Calgary’s programmatic vision fostering growth, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

connected and integrated

Create a dynamic and accessible hub that links to the heart of the University of Calgary and contributes to the Calgary innovation ecosystem.

financially prudent

Generate financial return to enable focused long-term planning and investment.

future focused

Establish a forward-thinking district that showcases leading-edge sustainability and disrupts the status quo.
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By developing and revitalizing UIQ, University of Calgary Properties Group will create a visible and programmatic connection not only to the University campus, but to Calgary’s innovation ecosystem. UIQ will foster purpose-built facilities that promote interdisciplinary research, innovation and entrepreneurships, and industry partnerships creating economic diversification.

connection to UCalgary

UIQ will be an integral part of the University of Calgary’s innovation ecosystem.

city value

We are building a community that will change the face of Calgary forever. The revitalization will lead to job growth, a walkable and vibrant neighbourhood, with active streets and amenities that encourage more encounters between people and innovative ideas.

economic diversification

The research and innovation being supported within UIQ will result in realized potential and economic diversification serving the greater area.